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The Bt Mushrooms strain is among the most famous hallucinogenic growths, exceptionally looked for by shroomers and producers the same. There are a lot of numerous things about the Golden Teacher shrooms which add to their ubiquity. This strain of Psilocybe cubensis has a demeanor of secret and this is the thing that makes this parasite so uncommon. Brilliant Teachers are genuinely new and they previously showed up during the 1980s. The specific beginnings are obscure however it is exceptionally unmistakable in light of its brilliant covers with bits of yellow.

Contrasted with most strains of Psilocybe cubensis, Golden Teachers have bigger stems and covers; and a by and large more rich appearance. The suggested portion for dried Golden Teacher mushrooms is somewhere in the range of 1gram and 2.5grams. For most experienced shroomers, this portion might be minuscule yet this permits room forgiving and take for amateur shroomers who never ingested Golden Teachers.


Development Difficulty: Easy Potency: Moderate to Potent Substrate: Dung, Straw, Various grains Colonization/Fruiting Temperatures: 84-86F/74-78F

by Mushy June 16, 2021



Quite possibly the most hearty strains of P. cubensis accessible. This strain exhibits distinct characteristics such as thick, substantial stems, dark red caps, and an intense bruising reaction when wounded. The Golden Teacher is maybe the most powerful strain of cubensis we have noticed. Normal develop natural product bodies arrive at statures of more than five creeps with covers regularly spreading over two crawls in breadth. The covers initially seem a dull red tone, frequently shrouded in extremely unmistakable spots (leftovers of the widespread cloak). The tail is softly caramel-hued and exceptionally thick. It is purportedly one of the haziest wounding cubensis accessible, regularly becoming a striking shade of blue or even dark when edited, cut, or wounded.

by Mushy June 16, 2021



Natural products don’t shape as bounteously as some different strains, anyway the size repays in dried load for the needed numbers. Second and third flush natural products can get colossal, regularly topping at statures of nine inches. Normal colonization times are in the 12-multi day range for 1/2 16 ounces PF style containers. The strain performs very well both cased and uncased. This is a brilliant and remarkable strain that produces exceptionally enormous organic product bodies that are viewed as extremely strong for a P.cubensis strain. Its capacity to deliver bigger than ordinary natural product bodies is adjusted by the set number that it yields.

by Mushy June 16, 2021

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